Article on Authenticity + Father’s Day soon!

Yesterday, the good folks at GFDA featured my article on creating from a place of authenticity. There’s a snippet below the photo, but you can find the whole thing here! 

And, a little reminder Father’s Day is coming up, June 15 – if you need a card we have a lovely one for you & also a free shipping on orders over $20 offer  w/ the code ‘popsmatter’!

If in Detroit, I’m excited to be a speaker at ACD’s ‘Emergence’ Conference June 12-15, here’s a sneak peek of my talk. Hope all is well in your world. Summer seems to grabbing hold in New Orleans, soon to be hot, hot, hot! All my best & cheers, Tippy

dads you matter


Creating from a place of integrity:

Dig deep—what would you do if you let yourself do anything?

It’s scary to trust yourself, to take risks, and to be honest with yourself, no matter what it is—professionally, creatively, or emotionally. When we do though, the most wonderful things happen. I believe that if you’re scared in some way, it’s likely that you’re on the right path and the best things are ahead.Is it hard? Absolutely.As in anything, it takes the trying, doing, and practicing to achieve. When you allow yourself to be you, you will take more risks, create the best work, and discover true gratification. Curiosity, motivation, and enjoyment are unparalleled when being true to yourself.


My 2 cents on creating authentic and genuine work

1. Trust yourself. 2. Don’t compare yourself to others, don’t rush, pay attention to the details, try new things over & over & over again, don’t give up, and if something bothers you do not ignore it. Also, don’t be too hard on yourself and don’t forget to give yourself a pat on the back or buy yourself a beer sometimes for keeping it real.

Create a toolkit for yourself

We have many toolkits and shortcuts given to us in our lives, sometimes it’s easy to forget that you can make your own too. I believe that life comes down to making a lot of decisions. For the tougher ones, I will lay out the core of each route and pick which makes the most sense, seems the most exciting, or is actually feasible at the time. To help in creative projects, I have ingrained these pairs as guides for my final decision making process for concepts: risk|unique + genuine|details + authentic|longevity = good to go. There is beauty in honestly feeling good about what you’re spending your time on and the great thing is, we can all have that beauty.

Happy Birthday to BirdProject & Matter’s first year as a B-Corp!

August is BirdProject’s birth month & Matter’s Benefit Corporation birthdate! Three years ago I set foot in New Orleans for the first time, I never cease in looking back with amazement on how much has happened since then. Doing so, I better realize that I arrived here with an idea laid out on a piece of paper and a lot of determination. I brought that piece of paper with me to all of the meetings that I arranged around the city & still look at it from time to time as a reminder of how much you can do once you start organizing an idea.

As Matter has its first Benefit Corporation birthday, I am excited to be working on 3 new ideas that contribute to education and disaster relief post-Hurricane Sandy. They are currently up on Indiegogo to raise the money to make them a reality, please back us if you can or help get the word out. I so appreciate your help in turning these ideas on paper into real, live things that give back & in time for fall when they will be needed.

Each new product houses layers and layers of research, seeking producers, do-ers, & risk-takers for each part of the project. I am dedicated to working with those that are doing unique and meaningful work. I also think it’s important to enjoy working with every person involved in each new project. My drive mostly lives in finding new solutions for the worst problems that we face today. Often, I think the solutions are basic, but our society often wants to overlook these answers, ironically they may seem too hard. My goal is to try to find the hope to move forward with each situation. Looking ahead, to future birthdays next topics are: wetland restoration, gun violence, and the preciousness of water. Thank you for helping me make it happen, I am ever grateful for your support and collaboration along the way & ahead.


Two products focus on different aspects of education needs, but that share one basic element that many students don’t have, access. We will be donating to groups that provide access to books, help needed in learning to read & building confidence. Our first notebooks series serve as a place to build dreams, the most basic item in a dreamer’s toolkit. They have letterpress covers and are made of beautiful, 100% recycled French’s paper, powered by hydroelectric since 1922. We find a new donation partner with the “I have a Dream” Foundation for these notebooks. They provide mentor-ship for low income students from elementary school to college andy work with an entire class to give them all the help, access, & insights to the many possibilities that are available that they need all along the way.

The second focused on education is a beautiful linen napkin, this napkin is unique in that its design shows you how to fold it into a rabbit. When I saw this idea, I fell in love with the magic created by folding the napkin over your hand. Cécile Thalmann & Adel Kassem are the designers behind this lovely idea and are currently living in the beautiful city of Amsterdam. Cécile’s grandmother used to entertain her using this trick and she continues to play with this linen rabbit trick today. Building upon the benefits of play and reading, this linen rabbit becomes a reading buddy for children learning how to read. Using the power of imagination & invention, children see how a napkin becomes a toy, more and more important in our digital age. This product donates to a local one-on-one tutoring group, S.T.A.I.R. & First Book, who enable access to books for children nationwide.

The third idea, from paper to loom, is a blanket that will help with disaster relief. This idea was inspired by the needs brought by Hurricane Sandy. Hearing and seeing images of the immense devastation, imagining myself in the individual’s shoes, made me want to give that person a hug. Also, hearing about the widespread power outages in the bitter cold and lack of access to basic needs inspired the idea for a blanket. Disasters hone down everything to the most basic human needs. The group that we will donate to for rebuilding is Architecture for Humanity. I selected this group because of their commitment to individuals and community needs as well as their focus on rebuilding for the long term.

So, on our third birthday, Happy Birthday to you & to Matter and may we make a meaningful difference for the environment and our communities. Big hug from me to you & great week/weekend ahead!

14 days in to our new year of 2014.

This was a special holiday, my family, gentleman friend, beloved furry friend Tonto, & I traveled to Key West. We roadtripped down and back from New Orleans, checking out Florida’s west coast along the way.

Having never visited the Keys, the Everglades, much less Florida below the panhandle area, it was exciting to explore and make the trek down to the southernmost point of the U.S. I even discovered a fellow Tippy in the middle of the everglades! Pic below, his name was Elvis Tippy, founder of this shop & restaurant and also chief of the local Indian tribe, unfortunately he has passed along. Hemingway, alligators, and swamp boats beckoned and biking the island, taking in the sea, and hanging in salty dive bars was a true treat and am SO grateful to have spent a great time w/ my dear ones in such a relaxing, beautiful place.

tippy in the everlades

2013 was a challenging one and I am all the more determined to create a timeline for this year (and stick to it!!) allowing for lots of ‘X-factor’ time to meet/get well ahead of important deadlines throughout the year & creating new products at smart times. (Noticed these cool calendars on design milk, ordering a BIG one today for the studio!)

For the new year I’m also determined to take better care of myself, exercising more, more vino than beer, writing more, & allowing myself to take more regular breaks/relaxation. Part of this too is also allowing/creating more quiet, creative thinking time – and drawing. I really miss drawing & want to promise myself to let my creative mind wander, pen in hand more often. I’ve started protecting my morning time, when my creativity is at its best & leaving the nuts and bolts for later in the day.

Having enough money to do new projects is also a constant challenge, as part of  my plan for the year I also want to tackle finding grants and indiegogo campaigns (earlier in the year) as part of my schedule and not an add on for evenings and weekends.

All in all, I’m grateful and excited for the year ahead. To begin, I’ll be working more on three new topics which the three interns via Tulane’s service learning – Sally, Taylor, & Elizabeth – made some great discoveries last semester on the following: Water, Bees, & Gun Violence.

I should get back to it, I hope that your year is starting off happily & wishing you all the best, cheers from NOLA!

BirdProject mentions around the globe!

I have been meaning to compile these, but have been focused on starting my new indiegogo campaign for new matter goods! But, finally, here we go. It has been SO cool to see the Birdies posted around the world the past few weeks, thank you all of the globehopper posts!

Yesterday, Matter & BirdProject was written about by Akriti Joshi in New Delhi & the loveliest post – ‘Matter: A Unique Agent Of Eco-Intelligence’

Growing up in Germany as a kid, this was really sweet to see BirdProject written about IN GERMAN! ‘Entdeckt: Seifige Vögel vom bird project.

Before that the Birdies were noted in Brisbane, Australia by the weekend edition of Map Magazine, ‘Dreamers.’

BirdProject globetrots

Also, in Spanish on Discovery Luxe – ‘The Bird Project: Jabones que ayudan a la recuperación del Golfo‘ – Part of Discovery Channel en Español.

And in Russian, спасибо!! Дизайн мыла: проект птичка

And in Chinese! on Chinese Blog, owpfo: BirdProject 小鸟肥皂

Aaand in Italian in Milano! by pigr, an amazing design shop that carries the birdies.

If you know of anymore please send them to me, love to see where the Birdies pop up! xot

3 New products on Indiegogo & featured in the GOOD 100!

Hello & happy Friday!

I’m so excited to be featured in the GOOD 100 this week as ‘one of 100 people moving the world forward’! See the full feature here: ‘GOOD 100: Meet Tippy Tippens, Designing for Social Change.’ So grateful to GOOD & the GOOD community.

I’m also really excited to introduce 3 new Matter products!! They are currently on Indiegogo, we are seeking your help to get them made for you this Fall. We have already reached 1/10 of our funding goal to finalize details and create a first run of each product. I appreciate your help in making this happen so very much, please back if you can & if not, please help us spread the word!

Please visit Indiegogo for all of the details & video below:

We are making all three sustainably & with inspiring makers in New Orleans:

1. A blanket that forms a heart upon your chest once wrapped around you that helps fund disaster relief needs brought by Hurricane Sandy

2. A flax linen napkin set that creates a rabbit once folded. These rabbits fuse fun & reading, as well as raise funding for student literacy groups.

3. A first in a series of 5″ x 7″ notebooks. This set of four has letterpress covers and use French’s 100% recycled paper. The covers share some of my fave mantras such as ‘There is always today’ & also a note from my Mom. Her words are here: ‘Free yourself from the past, keep only the parts that make you happy. Be light, a heavy spirit slows you. Be happy and kind, you will draw the same towards you. Be the kind of person that you admire and you will draw that too. First, love and know yourself. Enjoy and celebrate each new day, each new day is a birth of a new you. Take good care of yourself.’

See it all here & thank you!

Matter Inc-made in NOLA-32-32

For the love of Books: ‘REWORK’ & ‘Eco Barons’

I hope that you are having a wonderful memorial day weekend and may have some time off too. This weekend I’m getting some impromptu reading and some needed rest in. Yesterday, I finally made it to my neighborhood library branch, unfortunately I have missed their open hours thus far (doi, go on a saturday!). It is pleasant and quiet, also small and manageable. (The closest branch to me in my last neighborhood was the main branch which although a beautiful building feels a little unloved and a little hectic to get to, so I really only visited here & there.)

Anyhow, now I am delighted to know I have such a pleasant library now only a few blocks away. As I was finishing up with my checkout at my newfound branch, I noticed an empty comments box with one piece of paper and eager pencils. I thought I would leave a little thank you for the kind folks, hoping a friendly surprise will bring a smile or a pat on the back later.


I bumped into ‘REWORK‘ on the shelves by the folks of 37 signals, Jason Fried & David Heinemeier Hansson. I’ve had this on my reading list for several months now and devoured half of it yesterday. *Please note my doggie sticking his tongue out in the background, so silly.

So far, it’s wonderful and based in recognizing self-defeating thoughts or reasons that may keep you in a holding pattern and I highly recommend it to anyone with an idea that you care about pursuing. It also highly stresses not following the norm (or being a crazy maniac workaholic), creating and fulfiling your own norm is actually the crucial part to your own success.


While browsing my personal favorite, the non-fiction section, I also noticed ‘Eco Barons‘ by Edward Humes which I haven’t been able to put down since. Only now, taking a break now since picking up post-dog walk this morning. My takeaway at this point (p. 83) is that individuals have the power to create great benefit, so believe it and pursue it. And you don’t have to be rich to do so, but similarly, you have to be inspired by your own methods. Don’t wait for the prince/princess on the horse, that prince or princess is you.


Both of these are fuel and distillers for an idea that I’m detailing as of the past few weeks. As the next week rolls around after the holiday.. What would you, how can you start? On this memorial day weekend, I am grateful to those that have fought battles of all kinds, for those that are now, and those that will in the future.. while simultaneously hoping that one day there will be less fighting.

-Back to the books, Tippy

A Life Treat to see the Dalai Lama speak yesterday in New Orleans

This was such a life treat yesterday. Compassion, connection, equality, fairness, gratitude, peace, unpretentiousness, enjoyment, & laughing. I wish the Dalai Lama could be global president.

Dalai Lama

He spoke often of dealing with things in life with a calm center, his analogy was like the sea – the waves on the top can be turbulent, but down below there is always calm. Also of not creating expectations, which lead to disappointment. I have tried to eliminate expectations over the years and have found to be much happier without them. One of the questions from citizens of New Orleans at the end of the talk asked, ‘Do you have doubt and how do you deal with it?’ His reply involved looking at problems from many perspectives, preparing yourself mentally for problems that will arise, and keeping your calm center. If your mind is at peace you can best consider various perspectives.

Thank you Dalai Lama for a wonderful gift.

Pretty please with fried chicken & waffles on top!

Dear Matter & BirdProject fans, please help us by following us on crowdfunder by midnight, we are currently at 99 & need to be at 150!

Here’s how:

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matter to crowdimpact

Let’s all do more good, together. Excited about the GOOD 100!

Wow! Today is like Christmas! I am elated to be part of the GOOD 100, such a big fan of GOOD magazine and site and initiatives and all!!

Please check out the link here & in the latest print issue – so VERY honored to be a part of this. GOOD will be rolling out the full group one by one online starting April 1, so excited to see who the 99 fellow ‘do-ers’ are!

Also… we are hard at work finalizing details on our new spring collection of products. We will be launching very soon on indie gogo – so excited to bring you these new social goods : )

Thank you to everyone at GOOD Magazine, I’m so excited to be part of the GOOD 100 & as they say ‘Let’s all do more good, together.’


In honor of International Women’s Day we’re having an impromptu sale! 20% off Birdsoaps through the weekend! Thank you for all that you do women around the world xoxo

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Plus, check out all of the new great photography by Justin Evans – if you need photographic work done, he’s your man!

bird soap with ceramic keepsake for gulf restoration and animal rescue