Last day in nyc for a bit..

Heading down to NOLA for project research & meetings!  I have not yet been to New Orleans and so excited for things ahead!  Getting in a MOMA visit before I hit the road in the mornink!  Have made some wonderful contacts via friends and have some exciting meetings w/ possible collaborators on the books, please stay tuned!!

Photos in order: 1. Lunch at maoz on union square, YUM! An Amsterdam joint, try the salad bar, so tasty  2. Hilarious scene at MOMA, 4 napping MOMA-ers in between galleries, watched them for a while – the fourth guy, closest to us in the picture was not in their group, love the friendly snoozing : ]  3. Also love to make my knees wobble waay up on the top level of MOMA  4. East village radio! if you haven’t heard it, check it!! can listen online & itunes radio, eclectic section, is a small storefront on 1st Ave, they were groovin in the booth!


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