RVA pitstop

On my way to New Orleans from NYC – stopping through Richmond, VA for a few days for bralysse’s wedding, visit w/ dear, dear friends, & making trip arrangements!  Heading out tomorrow morn for the 16 hour drive ahead, jahoo!!

1. Monumental church [weddin, so fun and a real beeyoot]  2. Waffle House!
3. Oil spill knit donation – turtle towels, k1-d2 collected 400 handmade towels to send to craft hope!
4. Beloved T the trucker  5 & 6. Picnic on the James at my favorite spot, the magic carpet
7. Breakfast mit mutti at the black sheep, YUM! She had green eggs & ham & for me the Bayou Breakfast! We also had the lemon cake w/ sweet tea ice cream in a lemon curd sauce.  Amy & Kevin [owners] previously lived in New Orleans & the menu is an eclectic delight!


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